“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt


Bayshore Counseling Services provides a complete range of outpatient alcohol and drug services. All alcohol and drug services are provided by qualified chemical dependency counselors and therapists licensed by the State of Ohio.

At Bayshore Counseling your first appointment will involve completing paperwork regarding basic information about you. You will meet your counselor/therapist for the initial Diagnostic Assessment. In our Alcohol and Drug department we have a variety of groups which address both abuse and addiction to substances. You and your counselor/therapist will discuss your concerns and expectations for services and which type of treatment and/or group will work best for your needs. Our alcohol and drug programming is based on the Stages of Change model and may include: Individual and/or Group sessions, as well as Medication services if deemed appropriate by you and your therapist/counselor.


DATA Mental Health Program is a specialized dockets in Ottawa county for alcohol & drug and/or those with significant mental health problems.

Family Mental Health Court (similar to DATA program) is provided in Ottawa (Hope Court) county for adults with alcohol and drug issues who are also involved with Child Protective Services.

72 Hour Driver Intervention Program (DUI Classes) is a 3-day DUI school held for those who have acquired a DUI charge and have been referred by the court. To register for the Driver Intervention Program, please fill out and return this form along with payment 7 days prior to program start date. Services are provided at agency offices, schools, jails and other identified agencies.


Anger Management Group Bayshore provides an 8 week Anger Management Group. This group incorporates psychoeducation and some treatment aspects around anger and how to learn healthier coping and communication with others. It is a group for persons with a 1st time misdemeanor charge or for persons who self-identify as having anger issues. We also accept referrals from other community agencies such as Children's Services.

Thinking for a Change 

The Alcohol and Drug staff is trained in Thinking for a Change which is a cognitive–behavioral curriculum developed by the National Institute of Corrections. This therapy program includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and the development of problem-solving skills and may be delivered to both adults and juveniles. If any referral sources are interested in this program please contact the

Alcohol and Drug Department Supervisor at 419.626.9156.